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With hybris being a leader in commerce solutions, its combination with SAP's expertise should lead to synergies and help it capture a portion of this sector. Also, SAP's HANA should be one of the major contributors to its revenue growth as businesses move to the cloud around the world. SAP HANA is targeting revenue of around $500 million to $545 million in the current fiscal year. SAP expects an increase in its revenue from cloud subscription services and software by 14% to 20% this year which is an impressive expected rate of growth. In India, SAP has joined hands with Wipro for providing SAP HANA solutions. Since the Indian market is still nascent as far as cloud computing is concerned and Wipro is a leading software company in India, the partnership would be beneficial for SAP as Wipro has a huge client base with over 140,000 clients spread in over 57 countries. Other players ( CRM ) is a company with its core business model being CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on the cloud. The company has been awarded for being the world's most innovative company for 2 consecutive years by Forbes and for CRM excellence by Gartner and many more. Salesforce is one of the direct competitors of SAP. Just before SAP acquired hybris, Salesforce had announced that it would be acquiring ExactTarget for $2.5 billion. ExactTarget's solutions are focused on multi-channel marketing automation and the company has around 6,000 customers including the likes of Nike and Coca-Cola. So this deal should lead to further growth for Salesforce which is already growing at a fast rate. Its revenue the first quarter was $892.6 million, a growth of 28% over last year and the new deal should bring in more customers and enable Salesforce to keep its revenue growth rate intact.
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SAP Buying KXEN For Predictive Analytics Tools

There is immense value to be unlocked by connecting this information, so called "dark data," to the work people do every day enabling users to quickly discover what is happening and then act with the power of collective insight. SAP's analytics vision is built around driving a near real-time connected experience across enterprise BI, agile visualization and advanced analytics. Analytic solutions from SAP help facilitate this discovery by connecting users, data, platforms and devices, allowing people to quickly and easily engage with their data, visualize what is happening and predict what comes next. "Fairfax Water is responsible with providing safe, clean water to nearly 1.7 million people and we need reliable analysis systems to ensure people are getting the water they need each day," said Tammy Powlas, project manager, Fairfax County Water Authority. "With the latest release of SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions, we have a simplified user interface and improved mobile worker access." Advancements in the 4.1 release of SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions include: -- One suite for all insight: Unified and highly personalized solutions have the ability to deeply embed analytics to create custom experiences through new software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs). Powerful visualizations empower users with industry-focused visualizations and special analytics. Faster and more accurate decisions are consumable from mobile devices through a single mobile application. -- One place for all information big and small: Support is available for more than 140 data sources, including more OLAP sources than ever before. A big data-ready release includes support for Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Hadoop Hive -- One standard for enterprise BI: The latest version delivers a professional-grade BI platform designed for any size business with SAP(R) online Crystal Server 2013 software and the Edge edition and enterprise edition of the 4.1 release of SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions. SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions are available for on-premise or on-demand deployment and support advanced multi-tenant management. The solutions give IT, business analysts and business users the ability to convert analysis on multiple devices as well as go from online to offline mode. "The 4.1 release brings both enhancements and important integration features to the core BI product, improving capabilities for both SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and long-time SAP BusinessObjects customers, " said Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard and author of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0: The Complete Reference. "The most marked improvements are in mobile, dashboards, collaboration and support for big data sources." Bringing Agile Data Visualization to the Masses SAP also recently announced a free personal edition of agile data discovery software, SAP Lumira(TM) as well as the "Data Geek Challenge." Now generally available, the personal edition of SAP Lumira helps users analyze Microsoft Excel data by building interactive visualizations in a drag and drop environment in order to accelerate the decision-making process and uncover hidden business opportunities.
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Rethinking SAP: Beyond 'Business As Usual'


At the individual level, they value the personal connections, build professional reputations, and advance their expertise and their careers by participating actively. Sports, Arts, and Entertainment If you have been listening, you may have seen some exciting news about SAPs partnership with major brands in sports. Our engagements with the San Francisco 49ers , the New York Yankees ,or McLaren Group F1 Racing might be three of the dozens of major announcements in recent months. Group VP of Global Sponsorships , Chris Burton, is fond to articulate it this way. The primary driver behind the new strategy is the growing trend of consumerization, around which new information technology is first adopted by consumers before spreading to business. Our business is changing. Youve heard about the consumerization of information technology. Thats something that is really upon us. SAP recognized years ago that the power of the mobile device can fundamentally change the way we work. As a result, we realized we had to tell our story in a different way and introduce new people to the SAP brand.We identified sports, arts and entertainment as platforms for the strategy. We kicked off the initiative with sports. Part of our strategy is to work with teams, leagues, arenas and stadiums to figure out how we can help them re-imagine their fan experience, or, to take a phrase from our marketing platform, To run like never before. Were a B2B brand, but were acting like a B2C brand. There is more here than meets the eye. Think you know SAP? Think again!
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Why Did SAP buy Business Objects?

4. Hardware Tech News Welcome to TechWeb, the IT professional's online resource for news coverage of the information technology industry. We know technology news. Our mobile and wireless news coverage moves as fast as wireless technology itself. We follow all the devices you depend on to stay connected. Our software coverage follows the multi-faceted software industry from every angle. We've got a lock on network security and computer security issues. We're all over the business of the Web--the Internet business--and the engines that run it. We have our eyes and ears tuned to the players who make and run the tools that tie us all together--Google, Microsoft, eBay, Cisco, Yahoo, Oracle, Apple, Sony--and scores of others. And we keep close tabs on the backbone of information technology, PC hardware.
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SAP rolls out SAP Business ByDesign


But in the intervening period, SAP made "some significant changes" in the Business Objects development organization with a focus on improving quality and stability, he said. Along with a number of feature packs, those changes have helped increase customer satisfaction, Rose said. Now SAP is hoping that with the arrival of 4.1, customers still running version 3.1 will make the leap and upgrade. Most of Business Objects' customers remain on earlier versions, with some 6,500 on 4.0, according to Rose. New features in 4.1 include support for more than 140 data sources, including Amazon Web Services' Elastic MapReduce and Hadoop Hive. "We're really making the platform big data-ready," Rose said. The release also brings new SDK (software development kits) and APIs (application programming interfaces) for partners, including one that allows them to create more advanced visualizations. "It's going to be huge for the partner community," Rose said. Adoption of 4.1 may also be helped by a feature that supports the use of Desktop Intelligence, or DeskI, a popular tool among some users, but for which SAP is no longer providing new updates. While that policy remains in effect, release 4.1 of the Business Objects suite includes a Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack that allows users to view DeskI documents. The update also features a range of improvements for viewing reports and dashboards on mobile devices; connectivity with SAP's HANA in-memory database; and integration with Jam, SAP's social collaboration software. SAP is expected to discuss the Business Objects release further during the ASUG SAP Business Objects User conference this week in Anaheim, California.
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SAP Helps Redefine the Art of the Possible in Analytics

By Chris Kanaracus 2010 Revenue: $17.25 billion Co-CEOs: Jim Hagemann Snabe and Bill McDermott What They Do: SAP acquired Business Objects in 2007 to establish itself in the hot market for business intelligence software. Business Objects has a robust suite of BI software (now up to version 4.0) and a new BI app for the iPad. The Pitch SAP got into business intelligence in a big way with the 2007 acquisition of Business Objects. For every use case in BI, theyve got a good tool, says Forrester Research analyst Boris Evelson. Moreover, Business Objects products arent dependent on the broader SAP product stack, according to Steve Lucas, general manager of business analytics and technology at SAP. Half of our [Business Objects] development resources are focused on non-SAP use cases, he says. Over half of our customers have nothing from SAP except analytics. SAP is also positioning its new Hana in-memory database engine as a foundation for the core Business Objects suite and a new series of specialized analytics applications. Many Business Objects customers are large enterprises, but SAP also sells subsets of the full suite to small and midsize companies. The Catch Despite all the strengths of Business Objects products, they have lacked a unified feel, giving the user a Asomewhat disjointed experience, Evelson says. However, the recent release of Business Objects 4.0 solves that problem, with a unified interface, a common data-access layer and other improvements, Lucas says. While acknowledging that 4.0 is a step in the right direction, Evelson maintains that SAP has more integration work to do under the covers. The other problem with 4.0 is its late arrival.
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SAP’s Business Objects

Among the first 20 live customers in Germany and the United States are STEMME AG, a utility and sports aircraft manufacturer; Judge Consulting Group, a provider of business technology consulting services; MANTZ airmotions GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of air fresheners for homes and vehicles; and Compass Pharma Services LLC. In a release, Compass claimed that it was able to spend less than 25 percent of its original IT budget. The software will be rolled out globally throughout the world, including Australia, India and Spain. Kagermann noted that Business ByDesign is targeted toward small and mid-sized businesses, notably those that can't afford a complete ERP suite. However, I wonder how this will be enforced in practice. According to SAP's FAQ: "We expect the typical SAP Business ByDesign customer to have between 100 and 500 employees. There is no maximum user limit; however, a minimum of 25 users must be licensed." So what happens if you're a 500 employee company with an SAP ERP suite? Will SAP turn you away? The FAQ also notes there's no migration path necessary since comparing Business ByDesign with the company's other applications is apples and oranges. Here's the lineup from SAP and where Business ByDesign fits in: Business ByDesign is being touted by SAP as the most complete SaaS offering. Included in the software is financials, human resources management, executive management support, project and supply chain management, customer and supplier relationship management, business analytics and compliance management.
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SAP's Business Objects update focuses on stability, data source support

The marriage of BI tools and vertical industry knowledge is a vision I think is long overdue for the industry, and one that could prove very valuable to SAP as well as cause trouble in a number of places. Redmond is clearly one place where the heat just got turned up a notch or two: Microsoft definitely gets the tools side of BI in spades, but has no clue how to put to work the domain knowledge needed to get things moving for its line of business customers. IBM is another place where trouble is now brewing: having eschewed direct participation in the applications business, it is stuck putting the considerable domain knowledge of its consulting group into expensive, one-off custom projects that have a significantly larger total cost of ownership than the packaged solutions SAP can now try to bring to market with Business Objects. For IBM and Microsoft, its time to be a little worried about the future of the BI market. And then theres Oracle, crowing somewhat that this huge acquisition justifies its own jumbo acquisition strategy. Which it does, in a way. But the promise of a whole new way to build and deliver business analytics a la Business Objects + SAP is very different than the strategy of acquiring customers and maintenance revenues and then upselling these new customers a set of existing applications that are part of a broadening portfolio.
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